Artisan – All-In-One Starter Kit for Figma

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Artisan is an all-in-one starter kit built for Figma. It helps you create your product user interface from flowchart to final design without leaving Figma. You don’t need other tools anymore. Thanks to it you'll be able to spend more time nailing down the user experience rather than focus on the interface itself. It's your next design process friend!

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01. Wireframe: Create Hi-Fi wireframes in minutes rather than hours for your products using the most common ready-to-use components and styles

  • Common
  • Navigation
  • Data Display
  • Feedback
  • Icons
  • Devices

02. Flowchart: Define on your own, quickly and easily sitemaps, diagrams and flowcharts with pre-made components. Just drag and drop elements onto the canvas.

  • Connectors
  • Shapes
  • Elements
  • Sitemap

03. Markups: Measure. Note. Comment. Communicate directly to your design and development teams.

  • Annotation
  • Sticky Notes
  • Callout
  • Arrows
  • Spec (Color, Measure, Note, Outlines, Project)

Why choose Artisan?

Perfect starting point for your next project
Start your project with a robust fundament to save yourself time and money

1300+ Ready-to-use components
A huge inventory to help you designing wireframes, prototypes and flowcharts

Auto-layout supported
Components can be automatically resized as you edit

Super organized layers
Carefully structured components to find them easy and quickly. When you edit a master, this affects all linked instances

Rapid prototyping
Design your solutions, prototype them in minutes

Customize with a minimal styleguide
Get a custom style that you need by changing font, color and component properties

One kit to rule them all
An all-in-one kit. You don’t need any other tool anymore. Start to design all the process in one place.


Designed with ❤️ by Alessio Calvo:

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Artisan – All-In-One Starter Kit for Figma

0 ratings